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From our ranch to your home.

T-Bone Steak

Retail Store

Coming in late Spring 2017 …

Visit our store and bring home local meats, dairy, and other food.

Come visit our retail store and hand pick the cuts of grass fed beef you want. We offer other cuts of beef at our retail store, plus chicken and pork.

One of the best ways of serving our community and customers is to offer them choices. We offer our local community choices in products, services and prices.

In our newly constructed butcher shoppe, we offer folks a number of choices which are not found in supermarkets that supply mostly box beef and prepackaged products.

Choices of products.

Beef, Pork, Chicken and some old time favorites that only a butcher shoppe can offer: Puddin, scrapple, hog maw, and our superior offering … fresh, dry aged, hanging beef. Nothing surpasses this beef for — quality, flavor and tenderness.

Choices in pricing.

  • Conventional western type beef so called wet aged — the most economical.
  • Locally raised grain fed beef… we are offering our neighboring farmers a new marketplace into which they may sell their beef … sans commissions — which is moderately priced.
  • Our premium offering is much sought after — albeit a limited supply — of GRASS Fed beef.

Uncle Bob’s Lil’ Ponderosa Beef Farm in Carlisle supplies this beef. It is from a closed herd of purebred Black Angus cattle. Thirty (30) years of breeding and TLC enables us to deliver 100% “Certified Naturally Grown” beef that is grass-fed and finished for the life time of the animal. Uncle Bob’s beef has never eaten grain nor been fed hormones, antibiotics or chemicals.

We also offer free range chicken … grown on the Lil’ Ponderosa Ranch and pork from grass fed farmers in the area.

Retail Store Address

1711 Gabler Road
Chambersburg, PA 17201