Organic USDA Inspected Custom Butcher Serving Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland Small Family Farms

 Lil'Ponderosa Offers Free USDA/FSIS Inspection of Beef, Swine, Bison, Goats, Lamb, Sheep, Stag, Etc.


1711 Gabler Road

Chambersburg, PA 17201



Abattoir Hours

Slaughter is regularly scheduled for Wednesdays.

(Note: Our grant of inspection is for 3 days: Monday Wednesday and Friday)

Animals can be delivered Tuesday after 2 PM and up to 8 PM.
Wednesday from 7:00 AM until 10 AM.

Alternatives for slaughter can be arranged. (Bison-volunteer processing for example) Under this arrangement...we may have to pay for the inspector to be present.

Butcher Shop Retail Hours

Monday   Closed

Tuesday   9AM-5PM

Wednesday   9AM - 5PM

Thursday   8AM - 6PM

Friday   8AM - 6PM

Saturday   8AM - 2PM

Sunday   Closed